Meet tech entrepreneur Fernando Raymond highlighting alternative web property investments in times of financial turmoil

The real estate market is always a hot topic in the investment world, but it is also subject to turmoil when interest rates change.

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The real estate market is always a hot topic in the investment world, but it is also subject to turmoil when interest rates change.

With an estimated 2 billion active websites according to in the world wide web market, I ask you: isn’t it time to check out the potential of a website as an investment?

Just think of the big names in the web market like Google, Facebook or Amazon. They started with a domain name and web hosting many years ago. And look where they are today, having built multi-million dollar businesses around the world through a website as their main “storefront”.

Tech Entrepreneur and Website Strategist and Consultant Ferdinand Raymond has written numerous guides on investing in expired domains, domains and PBN and how to generate income from web properties.

His goal is to support anyone with the investment in their website and strategy for their online success as he believes that anyone can turn a website into a thriving business like he did.

Why invest in a Website as a Web Property?

Ferdinand explains:

“As a business owner, I understand the importance and potential of a website in the 21st century.St. century. Just think of Amazon, one of the most successful websites in the world and its content delivery and web marketing strategy and how that has led to incredible success as an online marketplace and business.”

“Obviously this didn’t happen overnight, and I also see the barriers to setting up a website and growing it, such as time and lack of technical support. Any entrepreneur needs to do proper research and SWOT analysis before launching a website, so the whole process requires as much strategy and investment as any other business process. In my opinion, the modern rise of the digital economy makes a website the most important asset to pay attention to.”

Fernando talks about his experience building his first business with a simple SEO blog, which later became the digital marketing agency clickdo ltd. as more future clients found his blog posts on Google.

Ferdinand: “Build adomain namea few web pages is not enough when you want to ensure the success of your website. Your path to success already begins with your choice of domain name. I chose “” because my services are focused on the UK market and are online services. It’s important to get an easy-to-remember, easy-to-spell domain name that is immediately recognizable and can be associated with your business. So if your business has a name, register it as a domain, if available. For personal blog you can register your blogger name. You get the idea. You must imagine establishing a web presence that achieves much more and has a future.”

“Before you set up your website, think carefully about its purpose and format, as that will determine your specifications. In the case of a commercial website, the purpose is to generate more income, help in the expansion of sales channels, spread information and receive comments in general. However, every business is different and your website should reflect that in design.”

“That is why with my agency ClickDo Ltd. we started offering custom web design services as well, because I know how difficult it is for business owners to get it right, as many clients now find a business through a mobile phone or a tablet, for example, so all website designs must also be mobile-responsive.”

“As you can see, through my initial website, my agency has expanded and now offers a wide variety of digital marketing services such as PPC and Facebook ads, content marketing, and more. And out of this business came my second start-up – Web Host SeekaHost Ltd. So investing just £100 to buy the domain, hosting and getting a basic website design to get started was absolutely worth the investment and has provided me with a Solid ROI. Anyone can afford this with enough dedication.”

What are the advantages of a web property?

Ferdinand: “First of all, a web property is much more affordable than a real estate property. You can buy a domain name for just $3 at SeekaHost and create a basic website with web hosting starting at just $2 per month and even a free theme via WordPress for example. Along the way, you’ll need to invest in web design and content creation, of course, and on average it’s estimated that running a basic website can cost around $1000 per year, but this can of course be in the thousands region for more complex websites. . Comparing that to real estate, it’s still pretty affordable considering what you can generate in return.”

“The most profitable types of websites, such as e-commerce or business websites, blogs, or membership websites, can generate various streams of income through advertising, sponsorships, sales of paid products and services, and more. Therefore, a web property offers a much broader monetization opportunity than a real estate property. Also, the website owner can be extremely creative and expand what they offer through their platform. There is almost no limit in that sense with a web property. And an online property can be managed on autopilot with managed WordPress hosting services, for example, that we offer at SeekaHost. The backups, the technical maintenance and all that will be taken care of”.

What is important to know before investing in a Web Property?

Ferdinand: “A website is only as good as the technology it uses. Essentially, there are two parts to a site: the frontend (displayed in a browser) and the backend (residing on a server).”

“The interface is created with the help of code such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The backend relies on Python, PHP, and databases like MySQL.”

“The most popular software platform for building websites is WordPress and WordPress hosting must be purchased separately.”

“If you’re setting up an online store, the most popular platforms are WooCommerce with WordPress, Squarespace. Wix, Shopify and Magento”.

“The most important factors to consider are:

  • Cost related to design, hosting, maintenance, recurring costs such as SSL.
  • Availability of developers. It is quite easy to find a WooCommerce developer due to its popularity. Much less easy to find someone who knows how to make Magento jump through hoops.
  • Ease of customization is essential. A website must have a unique and attractive look. This is the task of a theme. Some providers have more themes and allow a higher degree of customization.
  • Availability of plugins that enhance the functionality of a site. Plugins help with analytics, SEO, and many other features like cart management, email management, and CRM.”

“Many business owners struggle with the technical aspects of choosing the right software and features, so at SeekaHost and ClickDo we offer web consulting services and web design services and with the SeekaHost app we try to make the control panel of web hosting, SeekaPanel, is easily accessible. as possible with a simple interface.”

“SEO is a key aspect of making any website successful online. Additional SeekaHost features, such as the SeekaHost University knowledge base and integrations, which provide basic information on WordPress, web hosting, blogging, and SEO/marketing to give website owners a head start right out of the box.”

“As an SEO consultant, I know how important it is to optimize business operations, like identifying buyer personas from analytics, for example. Analytics is a broad term that encompasses all activities that seek to identify and collect user behavior on a website. We have integrated Google Analytics and Clicky Analytics as the easiest way to track site visitors and how they navigate and behave. You can use both in the portal if you connect them with your accounts”.

“I use it to analyze and strategize my personal blog website strategy, for example:”

“Google Analytics offers a complete set of datafor visitors originating from its search page, being the most used search engine to date”.

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